16 Classic Photos from Oscars After-Parties

16 Classic Photos from Oscars After-Parties
16 Classic Photos from Oscars After-Parties

jack nicholson dennis hopper at the 1970 oscar ball

Fotos International//Getty Images

For nearly the last century, the Academy Awards has been a place where Hollywood stars can mix, mingle, and be honored for their work. Although the Oscars are always fun to watch (the red carpet, the presenters, the outfits!), something that is just as exciting is the after-parties. These parties, which are often held in glitzy restaurants and glamorous venues, are spaces where celebrities can eat, drink, and celebrate their wins. Here are some amazing vintage photos from the Oscars after-parties of yesteryear.

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Frank Sinatra & Donna Reed (1954)

academy award winners for

Michael Ochs Archives//Getty Images

Although “singer” may be the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Frank Sinatra,” the New Jersey crooner was also an award-winning actor. Here, he stands next to actress Donna Reed. The two had just won Oscars for their roles in the war drama film From Here to Eternity.


Donald O’Connor (1957)

donald o'connor

Michael Ochs Archives//Getty Images

Donald O’Connor, who starred in Singin’ in the Rain, There’s No Business Like Show Business, and more is pictured here with actress Joanne Gilbert during a dinner that followed the awards ceremony in 1957.


Elizabeth Taylor & Mike Todd (1957)

mike todd and liz taylor mug for camera

Bettmann//Getty Images

Elizabeth Taylor, pictured here wearing a jeweled tiara, arrives at an Academy Awards after-party with her husband, actor Mike Todd. That year Todd won an Oscar for Around the World in 80 Days. The actor would tragically die in a plane crash just one year later.


Elizabeth Taylor (1961)

elizabeth taylor celebrating with her oscar

Bettmann//Getty Images

The inimitable Elizabeth Taylor is pictured here holding an Oscar she won for her role in Butterfield 8. The star had just recently recovered from a bad bout of bronchial pneumonia while overseas in London.


Sophia Loren (1962)

sophia loren and carlo ponti

Archive Photos//Getty Images

In 1962, Sophia Loren won the Best Actress award for her role in Two Women. Although the actress attended the Oscar after-parties that year, she famously did not participate in the ceremony. In a 2014 interview with Larry King, Loren explained that she was afraid she would “faint from the pleasure” if she won, so she decided to stay home.


Gregory Peck and his wife, Veronique (1963)

gregory peck dies at 87

Jack Albin//Getty Images

Gregory Peck celebrates alongside his wife, Veronique, after winning the Best Actor award for his performance in To Kill A Mockingbird. The talented performer would go on to star in many more films.


Faye Dunaway & Jerry Schatzberg (1968)

the 40th annual academy awards after party

Ron Galella//Getty Images

Bonnie and Clyde actress Faye Dunaway smiles with film director Jerry Schatzberg after the 40th Annual Academy Awards. That year, the young actress filmed The Thomas Crown Affair, where she starred opposite Steve McQueen. The movie was an incredible success.


Joan Collins (1969)

41st annual academy awards after party

Ron Galella//Getty Images

A chic Joan Collins poses for a photo at an after-party at The Bistro in Beverly Hills. The restaurant was a glamorous spot where celebrities would come to eat, drink, and network—big names like Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra, Groucho Marx, and Liza Minelli have all been photographed there.


Rosemarie & Robert Stack (1969)

41st annual academy awards after party

Ron Galella//Getty Images

Model Rosemarie Stack and her husband, actor Robert Stack (you may also recognize him as the host of the true-crime series Unsolved Mysteries), are pictured here at The Bistro.


Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, and Michelle Phillips (1970)

jack nicholson dennis hopper at the 1970 oscar ball

Fotos International//Getty Images

Actors Jack Nicholson and Dennis Hopper laugh with Mamas and Papas singer Michelle Phillips while attending an Oscars after-party in Los Angeles. That year, Nicholson was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor award but did not win.


Ali MacGraw & Robert Evans (1970)

ali macgraw robert evans dancing

Jack Albin//Getty Images

Actress Ali MacGraw and Hollywood producer Robert Evans were snapped dancing while at an Oscars after-party in 1970. The two were married for three years before calling it quits after MacGraw began a public affair with Steve McQueen.


Joel Grey (1970)

joel grey at the oscars

Michael Ochs Archives//Getty Images

In 1973, actor Joel Grey won an Oscar for his role in the film version of Cabaret. That year the highly successful musical won a whopping eight Academy Awards.


Sally Field, Meryl Streep, & Jessica Lange (1986)

sally field, meryl streep and jessica lange

Kevin Winter//Getty Images

Actresses Sally Field, Meryl Streep, and Jessica Lange are pictured here at an after-party held at Spago, Wolfgang Puck’s trendy Los Angeles restaurant. The beloved establishment was a favorite among Hollywood stars like Michael Caine, Dolly Parton, and Barbra Streisand.


Farrah Fawcett (1986)

1986 irving lazar oscar party

William Nation//Getty Images

Farah Fawcett chats on the phone while at Hollywood agent Irving Lazar’s buzzy Oscars after-party.

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