Designer Brandon Blackwood Is Just Getting Started

Designer Brandon Blackwood Is Just Getting Started
Designer Brandon Blackwood Is Just Getting Started

What is your go-to thank-you gift for colleagues and friends?

I have perfected, and I will own this wholeheartedly, the art of sending flowers. No one does it anymore. During Fashion Week, I normally just attend my friends’ shows or the shows of people I know, because I don’t have time to go and sit for 10 minutes and clap for people I don’t know. I always send them flowers afterwards, and they’re always like, “Oh, my God, thank you.” People just don’t do anymore. I love, love, love sending flowers.

What are some work essentials that you can’t live without? 

I never use my laptop, which is really funny. I design everything from my phone, so I always need my phone. In my office, we have two refrigerators filled with snacks, waters, and every type of drink. We have more snacks than pens. More snacks stored in utility closets. But the one thing I need is my green teas. I have one every morning, and that’s the only thing in my office no one else is allowed to touch. Everything else, go for it. I need it every morning.

And good, comfy furniture. I don’t like stuffy office furniture. We have two offices now, and I got these giant custom couches made so everyone can hang out on them. They each fit 16 people, and everyone just works from there and hangs out there, eats their lunch there. It’s really nice. I  think it’s super important that wherever you’re working, you should be comfortable and not just sitting up straight looking at a gray wall.

What is your go-to treat to have after you finish a big project or you’re done with work?

My go-to treat would definitely be HydraFacials for sure. If it’s a daily thing, I love, love, love, love, love ZZ’s Clam Bar. If I’m celebrating, I always go there. Or a really good bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

Whose stories will you never skip over on Instagram?

Oh, God, there’s so many. Raul Lopez from Luar Designer. If you’re not in his close friends, you’re missing out on life. It is funniest thing ever. Mario Abad from Paper, his IG Stories are fucking hilarious and amazing. He does such great fashion commentary. And then I love your Instagram, [Danielle]. When you’re really pissed about something you really care about, you really go ham. I’m like, yes!

Anyone who’s unfiltered, who’s like, “Yeah, well, fuck this.” That’s what I love. I hate the fake, “I’m going to look perfect on Instagram.” I hate that. What’s the point? Just be a little chaotic. That’s what we’re all here for. Get the fuck out here with your coffee and croissant, you know what I mean? I need puppy photos and hot takes on celeb events.

Fill in the blank. People would be happier doing their work if…

If they realized how important their job is. People don’t realize how important they are within their company. I think a lot of people get lost, but you’re there for a reason, and when you do your reason, you’re helping the whole ship go smoothly. That’s something that people need to focus more on. You’re going to be happy when you know you’re making a difference, and I don’t think you should ever have a job where you don’t feel like you’re making one. Whether it’s within the company to help the overall company, or for yourself, people would be happiest in their jobs if they know they’re making some sort of difference. You need things to be able to look back on and be proud of, or else what are you doing?

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