FaZe Clan have their eyes set on Web3

FaZe Clan have their eyes set on Web3
FaZe Clan have their eyes set on Web3

Gamers around the world have become well familiarized with FaZe Clan and their motives. Since erupting onto the online gaming scene in 2010, FaZe have become much more than a Call of Duty team.

They have branched out massively, building a lifestyle brand that sells merch and experiences for their fans. Also receiving an array of endorsements from celebrities including Snoop Dogg. Over the recent years they have delved deeper into esports, creating teams for games like CounterStrike and Fortnite.

To put the cherry on top, FaZe Clan is now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange. Making them the first esports team to go public. With these accolades under their wing, it may come as no surprise that FaZe keep up with the industry, as we see Web3 becoming prominent within gaming and Esports.

Fnatic, another Esports team, have announced their commitments to Web3 gaming recently showing that adoption is expanding. Let’s look more into FaZe Clan and what’s transpired and is about to transpire in the near future for them on the blockchain.


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FaZe Clan enters the The Sandbox

One of FaZe Clan’s first ventures into Web3 came with their collaboration with The Sandbox, one of the most popular Metaverse experiences. The announcement came back in September.

FaZe Clan acquired a 12×12 plot of virtual land in the Sandbox’s Metaverse creating their own experience. Fans of FaZe can take part in virtual events, gain digital assets and experience their favorite Esports team like never before.

The Sandbox experience has been dubbed “FaZe World” and adds them to a long list of high calibre brands and celebrities to step foot into the Metaverse via The Sandbox.

“FaZe Clan’s leadership position at the apex of gaming and youth culture presents an ideal opportunity to build bridges and lead the gaming community at large into the metaverse. Through FaZe World and our partnership with The Sandbox, our already digitally native fans can experience FaZe Clan in a new immersive way.” – Lee Trink, CEO of FaZe Clan.

Other names in The Sandbox feature Adidas, Slipknot and Gordan Ramsay. Over 100 experiences have been listed making The Sandbox a definitive gaming experience when discussing Web3 and Blockchain gaming companies.

Previous sales for a 12×12 plot of virtual land on The Sandbox show 139 ETH on OpenSea.io. This was recorded last year, however even in today’s market this investment is still worth around $168,414.

Be on the lookout for more updates on this collaboration as we go into 2023!

FaZe Clan’s new venture…

More so recently FaZe Clan have pointed towards a new project. One of their founders FaZe Banks or Ricky Banks is a prominent figure within the Crypto and NFT marketplace as he has helped push the space.


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He has also been a saint as headlines last year showed Banks paid $10, 000 to a victim of a Crypto related scam, and also exposed other celebrities for promoting fraudulent projects when influencers were running rampant on the blockchain last year also.

Banks has announced FaZe’s new “FaZe Forever” Web3 project. FaZe Clan are going to revolutionize the way fans can experience gaming with this new venture.

Welcome to FaZe Forever, a new way for you to access and participate in the future of gaming. Start your free journey with us and @moonpay at http://forever.fazeclan.com

MoonPay and FaZe Forever

Whilst this new project from FaZe may prove lucrative in the future fans can easily access it. This is done through minting an NFT cartridge which has been done by over 90, 000 fans so far!

FaZe Forever has been powered by MoonPay, an extremely popular Cryptocurrency exchange used by people all around the globe. We are excited to see how these new ventures pan out. Many gaming brands have shown their dismay towards NFT trading and Crypto related technologies. It’s only a matter of time before we see more names within the gaming industry convert over to the blockchain to enhance their fan’s experience.

Check out the FaZe Forever website and official Twitter to keep up with updates.

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