Fire chief talks generator safety amidst power outages – WNKY News 40 Television


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-Some people may still be experiencing power outages after Friday’s storms and gusty winds. News 40 wants to make sure you’re staying safe, especially if you’re using a generator. 

Oftentimes, generators are used as a backup for emergency power. 

Generators should only be used outside, never inside. Generators are internal combustion engines that produce carbon monoxide. If used inside, you could be dead within minutes. 

“Just like any other engine, you don’t want to run in the house, you could get carbon monoxide poisoning. Ultimately it would cause death so you don’t want to run it inside the house or the garage for that matter,” said Alvaton Fire Chief Mike Smith. 

If you do have a generator and it needs to be refueled, let it cool off before you refuel it. 

Also don’t overload the plugs on the generator, follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. 

Lastly, keep the generator properly maintained before you need it.