Lee Corso makes shocking College Football Playoff pick: Best memes, tweets


College Gameday analyst Lee Corso picked the Ohio State Buckeyes to upset the Georgia Bulldogs in the College Football Playoff.

The Buckeyes are loaded with talent, but add me to the list of pundits who doesn’t think they stand much of a chance against the Georgia Bulldogs vaunted defense.

Lee Corso is a believer, however.

In the waning moments of ESPN’s College Gameday preview show for the College Football Playoff, Corso made his thoughts on the Buckeyes loud and clear. He thinks they’ll upset the No. 1 team in the country.

College football fans couldn’t believe Corso’s pick. If this is his final year on College Gameday, he’s really going out with a bang.

Lee Corso picks Ohio State to upset Georgia

Ryan Day has plenty to play for. If the Buckeyes coach loses in the CFP semifinal after his effort against Michigan in November, heads will roll in Columbus. Day isn’t at risk of being fired just yet, but OSU has national championship aspirations every year. Also, defeating Michigan is a must, and that hasn’t happened the last two years.

A solid playoff performance would go a long way in the eyes of Buckeyes fans, and in regards to OSU recruiting, which has taken a minor hit after the Michigan game.

Ohio State has an elite offense, with weapons all over the field. Stopping them altogether is borderline impossible, but Georgia’s defense has the pass rush and secondary talent to do just that. It’s strength vs. strength at the CFP.

College football fans react to Lee Corso’s pick

Corso’s selection was surprising, as the rest of the Gameday analysts selected Georgia. All four thought Michigan would defeat TCU, as well. Corso offered the only surprise.

We are now enemies for the next 12 hours Lee Corso @CollegeGameDay but don’t worry you’ll get a chance to redeem yourself in about a week and a half

— UGA Spike Squad (@UGASPIKESQUAD) December 31, 2022

Lee Corso puts on the Brutus head and picks Ohio State to win tonight’s Peach Bowl. He and Joey Galloway were the only GameDay analysts to pick the Buckeyes to win.

— Dan Hope (@Dan_Hope) December 31, 2022

Corso is never afraid to pick an upset.

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