Local man rescues dog with broken leg from the road – WNKY News 40 Television


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.-One local business owner is giving a man’s best friend a second shot at life.

“I was like his head’s up so he’s gotta be alive,” said Randall Erskine.  

Erskine, who owns Erskine Concepts, was driving on the parkway near the Edmonson exit when he noticed a dog in the median. 

“I just happened to look over in the median in the Cumberland Parkway and I just saw him with his head up just a little bit, he was completely covered in snow,” said Erskine. 

Erskine pulled over and managed to coax the dog to his truck. 

“I could not just leave him there…my whole day everything else I had going on I just let it all fly by because he took precedence over everything else,” said Erskine.

The dog’s leg was badly broken. Erskine drove him to the Glasgow Animal Clinic right away. 

“He [the vet] said it was the worst break that he’s seen,” said Erskine. 

The vet, Dr. Webb, managed to set the leg, hoping to avoid amputation. 

“It was a compound fracture and the vet said it was broken in very many places and there still is a possibility that he might have to have it amputated but Dr. Webb said he’s such a young dog that he is very hopeful,” said Erskine. 

Erskine is looking for the owner…but the little guy now has a special place in his heart. 

“He’s quite something so we decided to name him Rocky because he’s a real fighter and we figured that was a pretty fitting name for him,” said Erskine.