Logan Lerman gave weed to Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato on ‘Stuck in Love’ set

Logan Lerman gave weed to Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato on ‘Stuck in Love’ set
Logan Lerman gave weed to Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato on ‘Stuck in Love’ set

Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato were living the high life (for the first time) on the set of Stuck in Love, all thanks to Logan Lerman.

Honoring the 10th anniversary on Stuck in Love, a 2013 underrated Thanksgiving gem, costars Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato recently spoke to EW about the 10th anniversary of the romantic comedy that also starred Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, and Logan Lerman. Wolff and Liberato hilariously recounted one of their most fond filming memories – cast mate Lerman giving them weed for their very first time.

“[Logan and I] had never met, but I actually did smoke weed for the first time with him on that movie,” said Wolff.

Liberato wondered if he was “gonna go on record and say that.” To which Wolff responded, “Hey man. I think people know that Logan smokes weed.”

Liberato added, “Well then I guess I’ll go on record too and say same. It was out of an apple!”

“There’s the headline. Oh my god, I’m dying. Logan Lerman: Drug pusher,” Wolff said jokingly.

From smoking weed through an apple in Lerman’s rental car to running into Liberato’s mother once they got back to the hotel, the two remembered vivid details about the experience. “That was also the thing,” explained Wolff, “Liana’s mom was there and I remember smoking weed for the first time and sneaking back to the room, but your mom catching us in the hallway.”

“It’s funny because she probably wouldn’t have cared, but just teen things! I’ll never forget you and I standing in the mirror after and being like ‘Woah. This is so weird,'” recounts Liberato. “We were processing.”

Logan Lerman attends the Los Angeles premiere of Columbia Pictures’ “Bullet Train” at Regency Village Theatre on August 01, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images) Liana Liberato attends US Premiere Of Weird: The Al Yankovic Story at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Brooklyn on November 01, 2022 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images for The Roku Channel) Nat Wolff attends the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s 30th Annual Academy Awards Viewing Party on March 27, 2022 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Elton John AIDS Foundation)

Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty; Slaven Vlasic/Getty; Amy Sussman/Getty

Lerman wasn’t a part of the initial interview where Wolff and Liberato recounted their teenage “right of passage” moment. But, as he tells EW, he did hear about it.

“I saw that interview,” said Lerman. “My girlfriend sent it to me and then some other friends brought it up to me and I thought that was hilarious. That was such a good memory. I love those two.”

Lerman loved hearing all about the experience from Wolff and Liberato’s point of view.

“They didn’t throw me under any bus. I’m proud of it. Let’s talk about it. It’s a great thing. Great memories. And Nat to this day is one of my great friends. I love him so much. He knows me. He knows I don’t care. I’m happy to talk about that,” said Lerman.

While that experience was among the high points of the production, it was not what Lerman remembers most from Stuck in Love. “Really when I think about that experience, I think about Nat a lot. He’s really a person that comes to mind. I just think about how much I loved him and was impressed by him at the time. I was just like ‘He’s so talented and funny. He’s great. I just love this kid.’ One of the funniest people I know too and just a brilliant actor. We remained close from that.”

Watch our full Role Call with Logan Lerman above.

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