Sheriff’s office in Lexington celebrates 80 new deputies


LEXINGTON, Ky. — A new term for the Sheriff’s department started on Thursday. The Fayette County Sheriff’s office swore in its longest serving Sheriff in Lexington, along with 80 deputies. 

What You Need To Know

  • The Fayette County Sheriff’s Department started a new four-year term of service

  • Kathy Witt is the longest-serving Sheriff in Fayette County history

  • Witt was first elected as Sheriff in 1998

Sheriff deputy Rodrick Robinson was one of the many sworn in for the Fayette County Sheriff’s office. 

“It’s overwhelming. It means a lot that the community, and a lot of the big dignitaries, are here to support us. It means a lot not, just to me, but to our entire office,” Robinson said.

Robinson has served in the Sheriff’s office for nearly 20 years and says it’s more than just a job. “I enjoy what I do and so I never would say it’s a job, it’s a great venture,” Robinson said.

Kathy Witt, the current Lexington Sheriff, swore in for a new term and her 24th year in this role. Witt has served with the department for a total of 36 years. 

“If she ever leaves, it’s one of those deals that you say how do you fill those shoes, and you can’t. She’s done so much for this community, so much for our office,” Robinson said.

Alongside his fellow sworn-in deputies, Robinson says he looks forward to continuing their impact within the community. 

“It’s exciting. It’s another four years. We ended the year on a great note and we talked about what we’re going to do for the next four years. So how do you make something better? You make it better,” Robinson said.