Skip Bayless cannot believe Cowboys are trailing Texans at halftime


Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Mike McCarthy, Dallas Cowboys. (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Skip Bayless cannot fathom how the Dallas Cowboys trailed the Houston Texans at halftime.

One would think Skip Bayless would be used to his Dallas Cowboys disappointing him on the reg.

He may remember fondly the glory days of Roger Staubach and the Triplets after that, but Bayless roots for the glorified hype machine known as “America’s Team”. Are the Cowboys a good team? Yes, but are they great? See, therein lies the problem. You can never trust the Cowboys in a big spot or not play down to lesser competition when you least expect it, like to the Houston Texans!

No doubt about it, trailing the worst team in the NFL at home heading into halftime is a bad look.

Once again, Bayless is putting blame on the puppet instead of the puppet master in Jerryworld…

Unfortunately, I do NOT trust or expect Mike McCarthy to tear into this team at halftime with a tirade so inspirational that it comes out spitting fire in the second half. Whatever cliches he utters will be ignored.

— Skip Bayless (@RealSkipBayless) December 11, 2022

For as long as Jerry Jones has a G.I. Joe kung-fu grip on this franchise, this is who Dallas will be.

Skip Bayless loses faith over his Dallas Cowboys trailing the Houston Texans

No, Mike McCarthy is not a perfect head coach, but he did lead the Green Bay Packers to their most recent trip and victory in the Super Bowl. That was over a decade ago, but we are also over a quarter century removed since Dallas last hoisted the Lombardi Trophy. The dream of the 90s may be alive in Portland, but no amount of dial-up internet or Beanie Baby hoarding will fix Dallas here.

Truthfully, the gap between No. 1 and No. 32 in the NFL is maybe 21 points on a good day. Would the Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles clobber the woebegone Texans at home by more than three scores? Potentially, but these are professional athletes who have wives and kids at homes and mortgages to pay. 50 burger blowouts are on the menu college football usually serves.

Overall, we cannot really blame Bayless for falling apart at the seams here. We have seen him do it before over much less and we will see him do it again. Factor in that his favorite NBA team stinks and his two favorite college football teams went a combined 11-13 this season, you can understand why Bayless is putting all of his eggs into the Cowboys basket beneath the guillotine.

Ultimately, Dallas is still going to find a way to make the NFL playoffs in a down NFC. However, if there was a franchise to lose in catastrophic fashion in the divisional round, nobody has been better at that since Bill Clinton was in office than the Cowboys. One day, they are going to get back to the conference title bout. In the meantime, let’s enjoy the regular Bayless Twitter meltdowns.

Win or lose, the Cowboys will always find a way to never live up to unrealistic, lofty expectations.