“Steve Kerr Lost to the Clipboard That Day!”: Draymond Green Talks About LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and 9x NBA Champion


The Golden State Warriors are struggling in the early parts of the 2022-23 NBA season. After trying to find their defensive identity, things finally started to feel better, and Stephen Curry got injured. Draymond Green has to step up as a leader in his absence and lead the team through these turbulent times.

So far, the Warriors went 1-3 without Steph, and we’re yet to see Dray or Klay really stand up and lead the team. Jordan Poole stepped up his game and has been contributing as a scorer, but the team needs much more. The veterans need to contribute, and they know it. Hopefully, things will change come Xmas day, when the Grizzlies are in town.

Talking to Bleacher Report, Draymond recently shared some memories and incidents from over the years.

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Draymond Green recalled how Steve Kerr lost brutally to a clipboard

Draymond has been one of the few players in the current era who has never failed to share what’s on his mind. He has used several mediums like his own podcast, his own show, going on-air with the TNT crew, and more.

Recently, Draymond was stopped for a quick interview by Bleacher Report, where he was asked a few questions.

Reporter: Funniest Steve Kerr memory?

Draymond: Trying to break the clipboard, and he bent four times, and it wouldn’t snap. He lost that battle. The clipboard won that day.

While there have been times Steve failed, there have been times when he did not as well. The 9x NBA Champion has been around the league for a long time and has faced both success and failure at times.

She then proceeded to ask Green about his funniest memory with LeBron James. DG laughed and refused to disclose the same. In the end, she asked him to name one celebrity he would like as a teammate. Green wasted no time naming his teammate of 11 years, Stephen Curry.

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How successful has the Green-Curry partnership been?

In his ten seasons, Draymond has been to the finals six times. A huge part of the same has been how he shared the floor with Steph. As a big who can take care of the ball, he takes over the point role at times, allowing Steph to play off the ball.

Green can play any position from 1-5, and he can also guard anyone at any position. This allows the team to play small ball a lot, with him at the 5. Thanks to all the small things Draymond does on the court, the Warriors were able to win four championships in the six trips to the NBA Finals.

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