Telescopes on sale for all you James Webb stans

Telescopes on sale for all you James Webb stans
Telescopes on sale for all you James Webb stans

Out of this world deals to help you see the stars.

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See the stars (and everything else) with a telescope.
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Want to see what’s happening in space? Look to the sky with these great telescope deals:

From increased solar flare occurrences to the aftermath of exploding stars, there are plenty of reasons to keep your eyes on the skies. A telescope is the best way to make sure you never have to miss out on what’s going on in space, especially if you’ve been keeping abreast of all the latest developments.

The James Webb telescope just caught galaxy cluster triplets. Last week, Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon were dazzling and prime for home viewing. And right now, a black hole is destroying an object. You may not be able to catch all of these occurrences with a telescope, but it can certainly help you remain vigilant should any crazy anomalies in the sky occur.

Good news! Right now, you can grab a telescope for up to 34% off at Amazon and Best Buy. Whether you want an app-controlled option that can help you map out the sights to be seen, or you want to get the kids in on some celestial viewing action, there are some great deals to be had right now.

Check out our picks below and shop them before they, like that poor object in space, are also eaten by a black hole.

Best overall telescope

Why we like it

The Celestron StarSense Explorer DX(Opens in a new tab) is a premium telescope that pairs with its proprietary StarSense app to help you chart the night sky. That means no longer manually searching with your eyes alone to find the stars and planets in close enough range to observe. It can handle far-off celestial bodies as well, thanks to its 102-millimeter lens. If you want to get even closer, it comes packing a 25-millimeter optical tube and two 1.25-inch Kellner eyepieces to give you up to 66 times more magnification. Even on sale, you’ll be paying a bit more than what you’d likely expect to pay for a telescope, but this is one of the best that you can bring home and still easily move around from place to place. Plus, it comes with a smartphone dock and red dot finderscope to make searching the skies even easier.

Best refractor telescope

Why we like it

The Celestron PowerSeeker 70EQ(Opens in a new tab) is an excellent option for both newbie and veteran astronomers. It comes with a 700-millimeter focal length to help you see further into the stars, with 10-165x power magnification to bring both terrestrial and astronomical objects closer to view. Its 70-millimeter diameter lens with refractor optical design promises better visibility, and this model even comes with SkyX First Light Edition software to help you navigate the stars. It features a 10,000-object database with printable sky maps and crystal-clear images so you can make better sense of what you’re seeing, whether it’s near or far. It looks large and bulky, but it’s light enough to keep in your trunk to seek out prime viewing experiences.

Best budget telescope

Why we like it

The Gskyer 70-millimeter telescope(Opens in a new tab) is small but mighty. It comes packing an aperture of 70mm and a focal length of 400 millimeters(f/5.7), which means that it can not only help you observe closer objects with brighter light, but it’s everything a budget-conscious buyer needs to start a budding astronomy practice. It also comes with a finder scope to suss out specific items in the sky. For the price, the fact that it comes with a tripod and a bag to carry everything in is also a major bonus. This is a fantastic buy for beginners, casual viewers, or kids.

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