The bugs are coming! – WNKY News 40 Television


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. –  If you’re experiencing some pest problems, you’re not alone.

If you remember Christmas weekend of 2022, we Kentucky went through a pretty severe cold snap. Temperatures in the single digits and negatives plagued the state for around 3 days and during that time, creepy crawlies such as stinkbugs and spiders were sleeping.

You might think that such cold weather would kill off these unwanted house guests but Charles Jones, site manager for Arrow Exterminators in Bowling Green would say otherwise.

“They don’t die off, they go into a hibernating state,” the professional bug man said.

Of course if you’ve been outside at all this February, you’ll have noticed that this month has been very much back and forth which gives rise to our multi-legged friends.

Jones said the company expects south central Kentucky to have a pretty heavy pest season with it warming up so fast into the coming spring season. Site manager Jones offered some tips however to keep your home from looking less attractive to those looking to take up a rent free residence:

Caulk your windows and doors, make sure humidity in your house is low and of course store food as soon as possible.