VegaTrem VT2 Teletrem Review

VegaTrem VT2 Teletrem Review
VegaTrem VT2 Teletrem Review

Feels very smooth. Good solution for T-style guitars.

Installation requires drilling holes.

VegaTrem VT2 Teletrem

Building on the technical contributions of Leo Fender and Paul Bigsby, the VegaTrem VT2 is a solution to add some wiggle to your T-style setup. Overall, the VT2 is a drop-in addition to your existing hardtail bridge—although, you will need to drill two holes in the body of the guitar for installation. With that being the case, you might want to consider if your ’52 blackguard really needs a vibrato.

For installation, the VT2 comes with a tailpiece and bridge pickup mounting plate. (VegaTrem has a really clear installation video on their YouTube channel.) Our VT2 came pre-installed on a Maybach Teleman.

VegaTrem’s arm travel is more Bigsby-like than I expected. Adding just a bit of movement to big, lush, chords is one of the prettiest sounds you can make, and as long as you don’t go all EVH on the VT2, it stays tuning-stable. Set up in Vega Trem’s standard classic configuration, the VT2 could only go about a half-step either way, which modern-style vibrato lovers might find limiting. But the VT2 can be set up for more travel, which will please more vintage-inclined players. If you long for the expressive potential of a stable, classic-feeling vibrato that won’t make your Telecaster look like a mess, the VT2 is worth investigating

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